Established in 1980, PT Pan Brothers Tbk (PBRX) is one of the largest garment manufacturing companies in Indonesia. With headquarters in Tangerang and manufacturing facilities located in Tangerang, Boyolali, Sragen, Ungaran and Tasikmalaya, PBRX and its subsidiaries manufacture all kinds of garments using various fabrics, ranging from performance wear to woven garments.

Our Vision

“To be an integrated and worldwide sustainable apparel supplier company”

Our Mission

  • To improve the Company’s performance and products by applying the best management practices continuously with the least possible negative impact to the ecosystem
  • To create the best opportunities for our employees and stakeholders so they can develop and achieve their full potential
  • To maximize shareholder's value and utilize our financial resources efficiently to provide attractive opportunities
  • To enhance Good Corporate Governance and continually strive for excellence
  • To be the leader in apparel supply chain by supplying apparel products that are high-quality, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible
  • To be the leader in apparel supply chain with maximum customer satisfaction
  • To be a socially responsible and environmentally friendly Company
  • To actively contribute to Indonesia’s economic development



Upstream Expansion

  • Pursuing a joint venture in the fabric mills sector for synthetic woven fabrics
  • Producing textile and thread (PT. Ocean Asia Industry & PT. Victory Pan Multitex)
  • Focusing on creating a holistic supply chain to meet the needs of brands, buyers, and retailers

Apparel Manufacturing

  • Producing high-value garment products ranging from performance wear, winter clothing, woven garments etc. across garment units in Central and Western Java
  • Upgrading our technological capabilities in our existing garment factories - Industry 4.0 - to improve efficiency, quality, performance, and productivity
  • Upskilling our production staff to ensure consistency and quality control

Downstream Expansion

  • Established a partnership with product development companies such as Hollit and Continent 8 to expand market reach and product diversification
  • Created PT. Apparelindo Prima Sentosa - which holds several in-house brands such as Salt and Pepper, Zoe the Label, and Wastu - to increase local presence in apparel retail
  • Pursued a joint venture/M&A with several local brands and multi-retailers